Tips, Ideas, and Patterns

I have always had a crafty side, even when I was young. I was blessed with a creative mom who would always have a project to work on or fun craft to make. In the past few years I've enjoyed sharing that with my daughters as well. We love everything sparkly, shiny, and beautiful! No wonder we are addicted to glitter and rhinestones. I began with a cricut, then worked up to tumblers, and expanded into rhinestones and I was so in love with all of the amazing possibilities. Below are a few examples and some help with ideas and patterns. Feel free to reach out for help, and join the facebook page to share your amazing creations!
For those who are using their own tumbler, sand and prep. Paint white for ceramic white kits. Apply light decal by lining up where you want it, peel backing, and transfer the sticker to the tumbler.
Begin with the lights and use the colored stones to do the scatter method. Then move on to the black cord with the black ss8 stones. (I used the LINEAR method for the black plug on the bottom of the lights.)
Once you have those in place, start the scatter method around the tumbler. *Helpful hint- make a line at the top edge using different stone sizes and let it cure. This will start you off with a smooth top edge. Use more
of the larger stones (ss20, ss16, ss12) for the scatter and save most of the mixed size pack for gaps near the lights and cord. 
Please reach out if you have any questions! Happy blinging!
Black based cup, ss20 Green flash, name in crystal AB fillers with transparent outline
Rainbow rose golden, jet black lettering
Honeycomb method
Scatter Method